Six Reasons Canned is the Way to Go

Preserving food has been a challenge for humans throughout time, and even though technological advances have certainly made it easier for us to keep food for longer, there are still many pros and cons to choosing how to store your food – especially meat. First popularized in the 19th century, there are many reasons why canning meat is a convenient, long-lasting option.

It’s Less Expensive

Everyone knows that food can be expensive, especially if you are trying to eat a healthy diet. One look at the grocery bill and it is easy to become discouraged. Instead of buying only fresh meats, consider buying canned meat in bulk. Not only will buying in bulk save you money, but it is also more convenient than picking up meat at the store each week!

Canned Meat BenefitsIt’s Easy to Store

Are you one of those families that has a refrigerator so packed that the light is dimmed? Or maybe you are considering purchasing an extra freezer just to store all your extra frozen meat? Canned meat is a much easier solution! Not only does canned meat not have to be refrigerated, it can easily be stored and stacked in your pantry, helping to keep your refrigerator free for other foods.

It’s Quick to Prepare

We know the average American family is always on the run. With a “go-go-go” way of life, there is less and less time to prepare a nice meal for everyone to enjoy. With canned meat, you don’t need to wait for meat to thaw or remember to take it out of the freezer the night before. Plus, you will use less energy when heating, since canned meat is stored at room temperature.

It Lasts Longer

A long shelf life might be the biggest benefit of canned meat. Under proper storage conditions, some canned meats have an expected shelf life of up to five years or longer. Not only is this great for the bargain shopper, but also for those who enjoy a variety of meats! Instead of eating the same stuff night after night until it is gone, canning allows portioned amounts of meats to be ready for a variety of recipes.

It’s Healthy

In the preparation of high quality canned meats, few or no preservatives are used. Shopping for canned products from a premium retailer like Werling and Sons will allow you to know exactly what you are eating. Instead of blindly purchasing canned meat from the store, do your research and look for a company that makes quality and purity a top priority.

It’s Better Packaging

Not only do you not need to worry about canned meat being chilled throughout transit, cans have great stability compared to the traditional packaging materials used for fresh meat. Meat has to travel from farm to market, a process that can sometimes take several days or longer and could lead to food risks or contamination. Plus, cans are recyclable, and who doesn’t want to help out Mother Earth?

Developments in food preservation have become more reliable and convenient, but it is still important to consider quality when shopping. Werling and Sons Inc. has been providing premium canned meat to customers since 1886. Regardless of your meat preference, you are sure to enjoy the high-quality products from Werling and Sons. For more information or to place an order, call 888-375-1998 today or stop in and see us at our retail store in Burkettsville, Ohio!

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