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Canned Meats for Sale Online

Are you looking for canned meats for sale online? If so, you have come to the right place! Since 1886 (yes, you read that right!), Werling and Sons, Inc. has provided our customers with high quality canned meat products that are delicious and have a long shelf life. Check out the litany of options we offer below.

Canned Chicken

Our famous canned chicken recipe is tasty and packed with protein and other sources of nutrition. Available in 14.5oz and 28oz cans, as well as in 6 or 12 pack cases, there are all sorts of meal options you can cook up with our canned chicken.

Canned All Natural Beef

Few things are tastier than a dish featuring all natural beef. Our canned beef is a strong source of protein and iron, and is available in 14.5oz and 28oz cans. You can also order them in 6 or 12 pack cases, and the meal options you can make are limitless!

 Canned Turkey

Get the delicious lean protein your body craves with our canned turkey. As a fourth generation owned business, we have perfected the art of providing our customers with delectable canned meats that is versatile enough to use for all sorts of dishes and in all kinds of situations. Our canned turkey is available in 14.5 oz and 28oz cans. You can also order them in 6 or 12 pack cases.

Canned Hamburger Meat

Whether you’re making burgers, burritos, sloppy joes, meatloaf or some other dish, it’s essential you have quality hamburger meat. With canned hamburger meat from Werling and Sons, Inc., you’ll have just the hamburger meat you need to make those appetizing dishes. You can order our canned hamburger meat in 14.5 and 28oz cans, as well as in 6 or 12 pack cases.

Canned Pork

Our canned pork is a great addition to all sorts of barbecue recipes, including barbecue pork sandwiches. Available in 14.5 and 28oz cans, you can also order our canned pork in 6 or 12 pack cases.

Canned Sausage Filling

Undoubtedly, our canned sausage filling is renowned for its great taste and serves a strong source of protein. You can purchase canned sausage filling in 6 or 12 packs, or individually in 14.5oz or 28oz cans.

If you have any general or specific questions about the canned meats in our inventory, contact us today.