Education and Preparation Crucial to Survival

Living off the grid would take a lot of preparation. There are certain items and supplies you couldn’t do without if society were to shut down today. Knowing how to be prepared if your family was ever forced out of its home and to live off the land without any modern services nor technology is imperative to survival.

As you probably already know, canned food is an absolute necessity to any survivalist shelter or survivalist kit. But you will need much more than food to survive an extended period of independence from the grocery store, municipal electricity and or local services, such as running water.

A few major necessities to any survivalist kit are water bottles, flashlights, a multi-tool, a first aid kit, a compass, a personal locator beacon (PLB), a hiking backpack, a sleeping Bag, duct tape, lighters, emergency candles, a hatchet, shovel, flares, a mirror, a 4 season tent, quality rated hiking boots (2 pair), a water filter, salt, mylar blankets, L.E.D. headlamps, dental floss, rain gear and extra socks. Bear in mind this is a minimal checklist and to consult your survivalist handbook for a complete list.

In addition to all your equipment, you must have and employ the knowledge to implement the tools for proper use. Having salt or a multi-tool is completely useless unless you know how to use them. So reading survivalist books and gaining the knowledge needed to live off the land is crucial for effective use.

Anything from natural disasters to infrastructure implosion can strip you of all the advances of modern society in a matter of moments. The only way to survive an extended period of self-sufficiency is to have the right knowhow and supplies. If the government was to shut down tomorrow and all of the services of a functioning world power were to halt, would you be prepared?

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