Gear Up the Grill with Homemade Sausages

This summer, many people across America will be firing up their grills and getting together with friendsWerling and Sons Pork Sausage and families for barbecues. However, instead of cooking the same old hot dogs and hamburgers like everyone else, try something different, like making your own delicious sausages for the grill with Werling and Sons’ Canned Pork Sausage Filling.

Our pork sausage filling can be used to create custom sausages that your guests are sure to enjoy. Now, you could just simply make straight sausages with it and cook them up on the grill. On the other hand, though, you could use this filling as a base and make completely unique sausages blended with cheese, onions or jalapenos. This will give your sausages a very distinct and delicious taste that you and your guests are sure to enjoy.

Adding some veggies or cheesiness to your sausage isn’t the only option, though. For the meat lovers in your life, you could combine the filling with other meats. For one, you could combine it with turkey sausage meat and create a sausage hybrid that’s a bit leaner. You could combine with a less common meat, such as ground venison or elk, to create a more gamey, delicious taste. Either one would help give the sausage a different flavor that you and your fellow meat enthusiasts would salivate over.

You could add more spices to your sausage, as well. Some companies only add a certain amount of pepper or similar seasonings, but with you in control, you can make them as spicy or tame as you want. Feel free to experiment, too – you could find some uncommon spice blends make fantastic sausage seasonings!

In addition to pork sausage filling, Werling and Sons offers canned beef, chicken, turkey and more in our online store. Our meat is of the highest quality and is perfect for any occasion. For more information on our products or to place an order, call us today at 888-375-1998 or stop by the retail store in Burkettsville, Ohio!

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