Make Taco Night a Regular Occurrence with Our Canned Beef

Have you ever found yourself staring longingly into the fridge with no plans for dinner, wondering what you could possibly make out of the two ingredients in there that don’t match? After a few minutes, you end up throwing something together that tastes sort of OK … well, not really.

That’s no way to feed yourself or your family! It’s hard to always be prepared with fresh ingredients that will turn into a delicious dinner, but here at Werling & Sons, we like to have a few key ingredients in the pantry at all times, so that we’re never stuck in that situation. One of our favorite go-to pantry meals is taco night! You can make taco night a regular occurrence with our canned meat products!

Werling & Sons Canned Taco Beef

Taco Beef FillingNow it might seem like a lot of effort to go through – you have to cook and flavor the meat before you can serve it, so you’ll end up spending a long time standing over the stove anyway, right? Not with Werling & Sons’ canned taco beef filling in the pantry! All you need to grab from the fridge are some taco toppings and a couple of tortillas, and you’ll have a whole delicious and nutritious meal ready to go for you and the family in no time!

Preparing Your Tacos

Grandma Werling’s delicious canned taco beef filling is something the whole family can enjoy. This canned taco filling comes precooked and meal-ready, so all you have to do is heat and serve! Get yours in 14.5-ounce or 28-ounce cans – perfect for feeding any size crowd.

Taco night doesn’t have to take a long time to prepare. With the help of Grandma Werling’s canned taco beef, the whole family can be enjoying a fiesta of a dinner right in your kitchen in no time.

If you’re ready to place your order for Werling & Sons’ canned taco beef filling, order right from our website or call us today at 888-375-1998 to learn more.

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  1. Tim

    We’re trying this tonight! My wife’s mom got us a variety pack for Christmas, and we’ve been looking forward to giving this a try.


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