Why Canned Goods Are Ideal for a Camping Trip

Grizzly bears have a great sense of smell. They can smell food from a mile away. Pity the hunter who brings the wrong foods or kinds of food on their hunting trip, only to be visited at night by a hungry bear!


Now most people whom hunt and fish in the woods end up doing a lot of walking—sometimes many miles per day. Typically, these hikes through the woods and streams involve heavy backpacks, guns and supplies. Then there’s the weather to deal with: sometimes it’s outrageously hot and sunny outside, while other times it can be freezing cold in the woods.


In situations where hunters and fishermen are away from civilization, even for a short time, it’s vital to have both food and water on the trip. Between the long walks and the extreme weather conditions, not to mention the adrenaline rush of trying to catch an animal or fish, a person needs proper nourishment in the wild.


Werling & Sons, a family owned-and-operated company from Ohio, sells a nice variety of canned goods, including canned beef, chicken, turkey and pork. These items can easily be shipped to your home so you can have them whenever you’re planning hunting or fishing trips.


The big advantage of carrying canned goods with you out into the wilderness is that animals are less likely  able to smell what you’ve got. Therefore, it decreases the chances of having unwanted visitors at your campsite or wherever you find yourself after dark.


Besides, if you’re going to hunt or fish, you might as well fill your belly with high quality protein, and it wouldn’t be practical to carry a whole chicken or messy turkey leg with you—canned goods are convenient. They’re ready-made for easy eating, right out of the can. Just bring a fork or spoon!



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