Nice Family Folks
I am extremely happy to have found a company that makes you feel like family. The products exceeded my expectations and the letter signed by the owner was a nice touch. I would recommend them highly, and I will be doing business with them again. Sincerely, Robert Poe

Robert P. -Feb 02, 2017

Your product in the best. You do what you adversities.Imbuy goetta and the problem is I go thru a can every morning it is ,so delicious. 12 cans last me two weeks so it has become my will against your Goetta and the Goetta is winning.I’ll be ordering more this week.your grandmother was the best.

David M. – Feb 03, 2017

Our family is thoroughly enjoying all the meats we have purchased from Werling and Sons, Inc. We became regular customers overnight. In fact, I’ll be placing a new order soon. We ran out of goetta!

Deane M. -Feb 03, 2017

Werling Quality Meats
My wife and I moved to upstate New York in January 2016. We live 15 miles to the nearest grocery store and winters here can be rough. I ordered a case of assorted meat last year to have on hand for emergency. We enjoy the meats all year long. The taste and quality of the meat is first rate. The price of product including free shipping is very reasonable,the cans are well packed and ships fast. We ordered more this year and will order a case every year. Thanks William F

William F. -Mar 14, 2017

Not many people enjoy Goetta as I do. Love your product. I am sorry but I can not just eat a few slices, I eat the whole can. It is a wonderful breakfast with eggs. Thanks for keeping Goetta alive. Your recipe is sooo good please pass it down so it goes for generations.

David M. -Mar 15, 2017