Grandma Werling’s Canned Goetta

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Werling takes great pride in our canned meat products. As a fourth generation, family-owned business, we recognize the importance of quality and customer-driven satisfaction. That’s why we invest the time and thought into creating quality meats we can share on a world-wide scale.

Enjoy Grandma Werling’s Canned Goetta in your home. Our canned goetta recipe is packed with flavor and comes in a 14.5 oz. can in both 6 and 12 pack cases. Pick up your order at the plant or request delivery at a minimal charge.

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12 Pack, 6 Pack

4 reviews for Grandma Werling’s Canned Goetta

  1. firefly

    A bit different than the block of Goetta we used to pick up at Krogers, in Ky, in the 60s in refrigerated packs, but tasty nonetheless. The fat content seems a bit high, but I guess it is good, if you are used to it.

  2. David (verified owner)

    Nice and tasty.Grandma knew her stuff.grew up on canned goetta in Cincinnati and can’t get it any more.this is as good or better than the tube stuff you get in krogers. Many thanks to the Werlings family.i am addicted to Goetta

  3. Paul Dickinson

    We took a can of this on a camping trip – had never had it before but it sounded interesting. We had it for breakfast with hash browns. Good stuff. Don’t know how to give it a rating, but it would be tops!

  4. gordon

    I tried this Goetta for the first time and I liked it! It will come in useful when camping because after cooking the Goetta, I can then use the left over oil to cook a few eggs and along with toast is then a very hearty meal!

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