Canned Hamburger Meat

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A Grandma Werling Original

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Werling takes great pride in our canned meat products. As a fourth generation, family-owned business, we recognize the importance of quality and customer-driven satisfaction. That’s why we invest the time and thought into creating quality meats we can share on a world-wide scale.

Enjoy Grandma Werling’s original canned hamburger meat recipe in your home. Her recipe is sure to bring the flavor to any meal while simplifying your meal preparation. You can order our canned hamburger meat in 14.5 and 28 oz. options in both 6 and 12 pack cases. Pickup and delivery options are available.

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7 reviews for Canned Hamburger Meat

  1. Gary Michalosky (verified owner)

    I had purchased a couple cases of the Canned Hamburger 2 months ago and finally got around to trying it. I made a pot of chili and was really surprised at the flavor not having any canned taste. I had as well tried the canned chicken earlier using one of the recipes that came with the case for chicken and noodles and as well was very pleased with it. I will definitely be considering this in the future as I rotate my supplies as a long term storage option to compliment days I may not have fresh meat on hand for a dish and not wanting to make a trip just for a meat item.

  2. Glenn Mosher

    I give it a five star for what it is but you have to remember it has a lot of fat in it . But yes for what I use it for will reorder it . The taste is good no complaints

  3. Deb McDonald

    Just tried this and really love it. We are full time cruisers on a sailboat in the caribbean. Good beef is hard to find so will be ordering this again.

  4. Sheila Salisbury (verified owner)

    Fantastic canned hamburger! I was actually able to cut the hamburger into slices and make quick cheese burgers!
    I’m getting ready to order more.

  5. Chip OBrien

    Daughter and I tried a can, thought it very good!

  6. Stanley Bennett (verified owner)

    1st Werling is #1 on shipping ! 2nd We are amazed @ the quality of the hamburger meat , Made a casserole with vegetables and buttermilk topping and it was wonderful ! Turned around and ordered 6 more cases of hamburger and sausage filling and can’t wait to try their sausage !

  7. Carole Barrett (verified owner)

    I bought this the first time because I was curious. Came back for more because it was top quality, pure beef, no fillers and just plain good. It is convenient when I don’t feel well or just feel lazy, when I forget to thaw something for dinner or when I am in a hurry. I love the quality, the convenience and the pricing. There is no down side to your products.

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