Chicken the Tops for Fat to Protein Ratio

If you are looking to cut down your fat intake, a source for so many health problems in America today, there are many routes you can seek. There are designer diets and fads that will come and go with varied documented results. But there is one staple that has been proven to promote balanced nutrition and a healthy physique: chicken. 




Because chicken is such a high source of protein that is so low in fat, it is among the best options for building muscle while burning fat. This is why athletes and those focusing on fitness prefer eating chicken. Complimenting any fitness regimen, chicken is a great source of protein for encouraging growth in the muscles used. For example, it encourages muscle growth in runners’ legs and growth in swimmers’ arms, making those muscles more effective tools the more they use them.

Another muscle chicken is valuable for protecting is your heart. The low fat, low cholesterol composition of a chicken-centric diet doesn’t encourage lipid build up in the arteries, which is a direct cause of heart disease. Moreover, it actually drives down bad amino acids in the body that result in cardiovascular disease. It also contributes to heart health and circulation with the healthy blood vessel function, which also further contributes to higher metabolism and fat burning.

Active people also value a chicken diet because it’s a great source of selenium, essential to metabolic performance. In the body, selenium acts as a cofactor to antioxidant enzymes and contributes to a healthy thyroid gland, essential for regulating energy use.

The benefits to incorporating chicken to your diet are numerous. They speed muscle growth and fat loss for those aiming to achieve results.  Additionally, they include healthy tissue growth, eyesight, and even helping fight cancer. What more could you need?

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