Eating Red Meat Great for Mind and Body

There are numerous health benefits to having a diet with red meat. Red meat is a great source of nutrition, providing a great number of nutrients and vitamins. It is a great food to promote muscle tone and cell generation.


Red meat is a great source of protein and amino acids. These are imperative for cell regeneration, tissue repair and building muscle. Giving you the energy you need to be active and healthy, this discourages a sedentary lifestyle and promotes physical activity. Proteins and amino acids are also useful for preventing illness and contributing to weight loss.


Iron is a top source for red blood cell function. Fighting anemia, weakness and fatigue, iron most helps your circulatory system and the transportation of oxygen through the blood. This effectively helps you not only physically, fighting off bacteria and illness much like protein consumption, it also helps your mind and concentration. It is also effective for storing and diffusing mitochondria oxygen.


Also imperative to building muscle mass and a healthy mind is adequate zinc intake. With 15oz of sirloin steak, an adult gets their full daily recommended zinc value. Lean red meat also contains B-12 for a healthy nervous system and B-6 for a strong immune system.

So there you have it. Red meat intake is imperative for proper immune function, fighting anemia and building muscle tone. It is one of the most universally healthy foods you can eat, giving you the energy you need to lead a happy, active life.

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