Side Dishes That Go Well With Our Taco Beef Filling

Just thinking about that delectable taco beef filling that has satisfied the hunger of countless families over the years really makes your mouth start to water! While the main course is what really fills you up at the end of the day, it’s the side dishes that really can enhance a meal. The right side dish can make or break a meal, so they should complement the main course appropriately. So, what do you serve alongside Grandma Werling’s Taco Beef Filling? How about the following easy to prepare options:


MEXICAN RICE – A classic addition to a taco night at home! This standard dish is super easy to prepare and really adds to right kind of zip to the meal. You can have a lot of free creativity with rice by adding it beans, corn, and diced tomatoes.


CHIPS AND SALSA – Some people consider this an appetizer, but you can serve it right next to tacos for a perfect sidekick to the main dish! Your friends and family will love dipping into the salsa, seeing how much they can pull onto the chip before it starts to break. The great thing about adding salsa to a meal is that you can choose the level of hotness that you want to incorporate into the meal. While a few may prefer ultra-spicy salsa, some people may only want the mild flavor as a choice. Take everyone’s taste buds into account with this option!


BLACK BEANS – The savory taste of refried or black beans is a traditional flavor going back many generations. The kick of the tacos can be pulled back with this great side dish.


GUACAMOLE DIP – It’s super easy to blend in new flavors into the guacamole dip! You can quickly sweeten, spice-up, or balance out your tacos and offer this up not only as a side dish, but as something to get their stomachs growling!


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