What to Pack in a Survival Kit

We live in a time of somewhat biblical proportions—epic in the sense that all sorts of crazy things are happening around us, from blizzards to earthquakes and wildfires to hurricanes. Civil unrest is growing, especially in parts of the world where America gets oil to run our cars and trucks. People are taking to the streets to protest governments, the gun debate rages on, and all sorts of conspiracy theories and prophetic warnings are out there, causing some to “prep” for coming disasters.


Should something catastrophic happen in your community, or the world-at-large, that disrupts “everyday life” you should have a survival kit at your home and/or in your car. It’s better to be prepared for the unknown, than to be wishing you would have done something before chaos ensued.


A good survival kit is typically a waterproof bag filled with basic necessities you’d need if the power went off for an extended period of time and/or you needed to vacate your home and go somewhere else to get out of harm’s way.


Supplies in a kit typically include a knife, matches, first aid kit, fish hooks, a sewing kit, a flashlight with batteries, a small radio with batteries, a whistle, a can opener, important paperwork, money, perhaps some warm clothing, and, most importantly, food and water that won’t spoil.


Werling and Sons can help you prepare your survival kit– order our canned meat, shipped to your address, so you can add it to your survival kit, and keep it “just in case” you need it. Werling and Sons offers high-quality canned beef, chicken, turkey and pork at affordable prices. Consider these items “protein on the go” should you ever have to leave your home or car in a moment’s notice and take nothing with you except your survival kit.



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