When Are Canned Foods Not Safe to Eat?

It has certainly been a cold winter for much of the U.S., with record low temperatures in many towns and cities. Many people have smartly decided to stock-up on canned food items in their pantries and cellars in case the weather made (or makes) it impossible to grocery shop like they normally do.


Canned foods stored in unheated places may or may not be safe to eat, depending on how freezing temperatures affect the cans. With glass jars, if a crack in the jar appears thanks to freezing, it’s best to throw the contents away. For glass jars and metal cans, their seals and seams need to stay intact, even after they’ve been frozen, for the food inside to be fine to eat. If, however, for some reason you find the seal/seam broken and the temperature is above 40 degrees, which means the food has thawed, it’s best to throw the food away. Should the temperature be under 40 degrees and the seal/seam is broken, yet the food hasn’t thawed, it should be safe to eat—just put it in a different container and keep it in your fridge (if you plan to eat it soon).


Werling & Sons Inc., of Ohio, is a family-run business offering high-quality canned meats in metal cans. As long as the cans are intact without any holes, dents, or seams broken, the canned meats should be fine to eat anytime.  Ultimately, the most important thing is the integrity of the can, and again, if the seals and seams are intact, then you are just fine.


Remember,  canned meat can stay stored for years and years, so it lasts a long time should you buy it with the idea of using it in case of a future emergency. Many people buy Werling & Sons products not only because they taste great, but also because they can keep them in storage for long periods of time and still enjoy the great taste years after purchase.



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