Why You Should Stock up on Canned Goods This Winter

Winters can be brutal. There are some days when blizzard-like conditions cause whole cities to close down, with driving bans enforced and wind chills below zero.


Every household should have a week or more of non-perishable food supplies on hand to be able to “weather the storm.”


If you can’t go “out” for a couple days because of snowdrifts, whiteouts, icy roads and sidewalks, and/or intense flooding, what are you going to eat to live? Stale lettuce and some crackers—no, you need something substantial in your belly.


Smart people—who are prepared for storms—keep a stock of canned goods (as well as a can opener, of course) that includes canned meats.


Werling & Sons, a longstanding family owned-and-operated business in Ohio, ships its high-quality canned meat all over the country; its online store offers canned beef, chicken, turkey and pork.


You should stock up on your favorite canned meat for those “just in case” times you wish you could eat protein-rich meat but there’s no way to get to and from the local grocery store. Canned meat lasts a long time, whereas deli meat, if not properly chilled, can go bad rather quickly.


One more thing: canned meats and other staple food items should be in every elderly person’s home, because it’s a lot harder for an 85-year-old to brave the elements when it’s 10 below outside and snowing, than it is for a daring teenager. With that in mind, make sure your elderly friends, family and neighbors have canned food and other essentials on hand for emergencies and storm survival situations.



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