Cure the Fall Chill With Quick Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken noodle soup is a long-time favorite cold-weather meal. There’s something about a bowl of piping hot homemade chicken noodle soup that just hits the spot on a cool, fall day or cold winter evening. Fortunately you don’t have to spend a day slaving away to make a great soup with canned chicken from Werling… Read more »

Stock Up for Storms with Us!

As the fall and winter seasons slowly transform the atmosphere into a volatile, unstable mix of unpredictable weather, preparation is key to being ready for whatever Mother Nature sends your way. Fall and winter storms bring with them the change for falling tree limbs, flying debris, heavy snowfalls and perhaps most importantly, power outages. Depending… Read more »

Make a Quick Fall Chili with Canned Burger

With fall fast approaching, bringing in the colder temperatures, many will be looking to enjoy nice warm foods to take the edge off the autumn chills. One food that always warms people up is a nice bowl of chili. This year, instead of making it with ground beef, try our recipe that uses canned hamburger…. Read more »

Football Is Coming Back – Bust Out the Chicken Nachos!

The football preseason is well under way, and that means professional football season is back! That also means it’s time to bust out the snacks. If you’re looking for a great treat to eat while cheering on your team this season, try our chicken nachos recipe. Restaurant Style Chicken Nachos For this snack, you will… Read more »

Pull Off Pulled Pork Fast with Grandma Werling

When you think about a traditional pulled pork sandwich, you might picture a juicy pork shoulder marinating in a slow cooker with tons of yummy spices and seasoning for hours and hours, soaking in all that delicious flavor, becoming soft and chewy and scrumptious – are we right? Well, Grandma Werling’s recipe, available from Werling… Read more »